Taskd server on Raspbian

Quick entry to document the installation process to a Taskd server on Raspbian, in my previous entry I wrote about the same process but on pfSense (FreeBSD 11), but I decided to move my tasks server to my Raspberry Pi 3, so this is how I did it: TASKD SERVER INSTALLATION # apt install taskd … Continue reading Taskd server on Raspbian

Installing taskd server on pfSense (FreeBSD 11)

ADVICE: Please before going further you should confirm that your pfSense backup is working properly, in my case I use Services > Auto Config Backup to manage them, I've generated one before to continue with this process: INSTALLATION PROCESS TO pfSense 2.4.x In this section let's introduce the most secure way to install a package … Continue reading Installing taskd server on pfSense (FreeBSD 11)