Problems after installing Debian GNU/Linux on Thinkpad T470p

In this entry I would like to explain the problem that I faced with my new Lenovo Thinkpad T470p after installing Debian GNU/Linux Buster as a second operating system in the box.

I have to notice that I was playing a little bit with Microsoft Window 10 Pro installed by default just to know how has been evolved Windows, because I not use Windows since some years ago.

During this time I remembered installed a BIOS update although I don’t remember which version was.

So, the first thing before installing Debian GNU/Linux using an USB stick is change BIOS settings just to be able to boot from the Debian Testing image burn into the USB stick.
Secure Boot option has to be disabled in order to change Boot mode from UEFI only to Both UEFI and Legacy system
CSM was also setup to Yes

With these changes I installed without any problems GNU/Linux in my laptop but I started to have problems booting it, many times laptop was frozen in the Lenovo logo screen without responding to any keyboard event.

I opened an incident with Hardware Lenovo Support Team and they help me to find a solution, the workaround in my case was:
1. Unplug external battery and also unplug AC power wire
2. Keep pressing laptop power button for at least 15 seconds.

The second step is used to make a hard reset and restore default settings in T470p.

Following these steps I could restore fully my laptop without loosing any data.

I guess that the BIOS version I was using had a kind of bug that with certain settings, Secure boot disabled … was causing the problem.

“The ideal situation occurs when the things that we regard as beautiful are also regarded by other people as useful.”
— Donald Knuth

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