Microsoft Windows 10 Pro commands to GNU/Linux users

I’ve been using just Debian GNU/Linux operating system for years at home and in my daily work, but sometimes is needed to go out of our comfort zone to keep learning new things.

As my new laptop ships with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro I’m going to take this opportunity to remember how to administrate a Windows box, and how some tasks can be done.

Here some tools or commands which I have used until now:

To show network interfaces if you want to setup static IP or change some default settings:
Windows_Key+R ncpa.cpl

Other not so frequent use case which I have faced was to remove a protected partition, we are going to suppose that we want to remove the first partition from the first disk:
Windows_Key+R diskpart
list disk
select disk 1
list partition
select partition 1
delete partition override

To measure hard disk there is a built-in tool on Windows explained here:
winsat disk -drive c
Although if you prefer a tool with graphical interface I would recommend you Crystal Disk Mark.

How to renew DHCP settings to our network interfaces:
Windows_Key+R + ipconfig /release
Windows_Key+R + ipconfig /renew

To clear client DNS cache:
Windows_Key+R ipconfig /flushdns

To view data in DNS resolver cache:
Windows_Key+R ipconfig /displaydns

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– Antoine De Saint-Exupery (author of The Little Prince)

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