Fixing time out waiting for LVM2 devices booting CentOS 7

After my last system update I started to experiment troubles in the booting process, my server couldn’t to finish the process with any of kernel images installed on CentOS.
I checked booting with the rescue image which hadn’t problems detecting LVM2 devices but appeared the same time out with RAID device.
Fortunately the rescue image finished properly because /, /home and the remain partitions were correctly mounted, except the partition used by the backup software related with RAID device (previously I removed RAID device entry from /etc/fstab).
I tested changing some kernel parameters at booting time as it was suggested in some web pages, but without success.
A little bit frustrated after a lot of reboot attempts and finally I fixed the problem rebuilding all initial ramdisks using the following command:

# dracut --regenerate-all -fv --mdadmconf --fstab --add=mdraid --add-driver="raid1 raid10 raid456"

Then I entered again the RAID device entry in fstab file, and I rebooted the server and I checked that the booting process works like a charm with all kernel images, included the rescue one.

Reference links:

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— Fred Brooks

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